Members of „AGOS“ association have a common goal of creating the atmosphere of transparent and efficient communication on the market which will benefit business improvement. They gather around a common mission to contribute to the development of society and economy at large through their responsible business activities.

Continuous education

In line with socially responsible business activities, our members actively educate employees to recognize symptoms of gambling. In addition, they monitor other important information and business trends in order to remove irregularities and resolve challenges in a more efficient manner.

Humanitarian support

The greatest privilege one can have is the possibility and willingness to help others. The industry of gambling is the area that makes sense only if it has clear intentions and activities that cultivate healthy relationships, mutual support and assistance to those who need it most.

Prevention of addiction

Basic motivation for betting should be only game and fun. The important thing for the player is to be aware of the amount of money invested, to responsibly set up limits, and consider the money and time invested in this type of game. If this is not the case, every player is entitled to adequate help and assistance.

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